How to transfer car title when someone dies


Attorney Tom Olsen: Let’s go to Gene in Leesburg. Gene, you’re on News 96.5. Go ahead.

Gene: Good morning, sir.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hey, Gene. 

Gene: Mike Dylan is my best friend who passed away this past week. And his wife is left with a couple of vehicles that are not titled in her name. 

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay.

Gene: And we’re trying to figure out how to get them titled in her name.

Attorney Tom Olsen: So, Gene, the good news is that here in the State of Florida car titles do not have to go through probate. So, if the surviving wife will take those car titles, which are in the deceased husband's name with his death certificate down to the Tag and Title Office, they will retitle it into her name. No court order, no attorneys required to do that.

Gene: Well, that is wonderful news.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Yes. Well, wait till she stands in line for an hour to get it done and see how she feels about it, but the good news is it doesn't require court order or attorneys. Hey, whenever I have to do with a car title, Gene, I try and get there when they open the office and try and minimize my wait to something less than an hour. 

Gene: All right. 

Attorney Tom Olsen: All right, Gene. Good luck to you.

Gene: Well, that is very good news, sir. Thank you.

Attorney Tom Olsen: You’re very welcome. Bye-bye.