About LawTube

Real People with Real Legal Questions

LawTube.com is a Video Law Library where visitors can quickly find answers to many commonly asked legal questions. The format is simple. One legal question and one short answer in a video and written format.

LawTube.com was founded by Attorney Tom Olsen, who has been practicing law in Orlando for over 35 years, In addition to helping thousands of clients, he has answered legal questions on his Olsen on Law Radio Show for over 30 years.  That adds up to over 2,000 radio shows and 25,000 legal questions that Tom has answered on the air over the years.

On his radio show, Attorney Tom Olsen often asks other experienced attorneys to assist him in answering legal questions from his clients and radio listeners. These attorneys also share their wealth of knowledge of the law with all of the visitors to LawTube.com. 

Attorney Tom Olsen is  passionate about explaining the law in a way that is easy to understand. For decades, he has done this for his clients and for the listeners of his Olsen on Law Radio Show. Now, Tom wants to take it to the next level and have the most commonly asked questions available to everyone 24/7 through LawTube.com. 

Tom & Chris

Tom & Chris