Olsen On Law
Radio Show

30 YEArs. 2,000 Shows. 25,000 LEGAL Questions

The Olsen on Law Radio Show is hosted by Attorney Tom Olsen and can be heard every Saturday Morning at 11am in Central Florida on FM 96.5 WDBO or live streaming on the internet at WDBO.com. On this live show, Tom answers call-in legal questions.  Tom has been doing his radio show for over 30 years and that adds up to over 2000 radio shows and 25,000 legal questions that he has answered on the air.

It all began in 1986, when Attorney Tom Olsen was strictly an FM radio rock n’ roll listener.  His mother listened to 740 WKIS talk radio in Orlando (back in the days of Clive Thomas and Gene Burns) and a show called At Your Service.  Tom's mom suggested to Tom that he call and offer to be a legal guest on that show.  Tom did and it went well.  Soon he was appearing on the show several times a month.  The program director at WKIS liked what he heard and gave Tom his own show (and even paid Tom $10 per show.)  Tom labored over what to call the show, seeking input from family, friends and listeners, before selecting Olsen on Law Radio Show.

At first, the show’s format was about interviewing expert guests on particular areas of law.  Soon the station program director insisted that Tom do the show by himself without any guests.  In fact, he made that declaration in front of Tom’s scheduled guest for that day.  It was a scary proposition for Tom to go into the studio alone.  However, he had asked friends and family to call the show with planted questions, one of which, as Tom recalls, was “Tom, can you explain the Rule of 78’s?”, not to be confused with the Rule of 72’s.  Ever since then, Tom has continued with the legal question and answer format.  Part of the reason for the show’s success is the “Dear Abby” phenomenon.  That is, people like to hear what other people’s problems are and what a potential solution to the problem might be.  

Olsen on Law Radio show is the longest continuously running legal talk show in the country and the world. As an innovator, Tom was one of the first lawyers in the country to have a legal talk show giving out free legal advice on the radio.