Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS LAWTUBE.COM? was founded by Attorney Tom Olsen, who has been practicing law in Orlando for over 35 years.  Tom is passionate about explaining the law to people in a way that is clear and easy to understand.  For decades, he has answered legal questions in just that way for both his thousands of clients and for the listeners of his Olsen on Law Radio Show.  Now Tom wants to take it to the next level and have the the answers to the most commonly asked legal questions available online 24/7.

WHAT IS VIDEO LAW LIBRARY? is a Video Law Library where visitors can quickly find answers to many commonly asked legal questions. The format is simple: One legal question and one short answer in both a video and a written format.

You can find your legal question By Legal Topic or By Radio Show Date or the “Search” box at the top of every page. If you don't find your legal question and answer, please feel free to use our Ask A Legal Question form and we will be pleased to consider adding it.


Professional Media Ideas, Inc. is a Florida corporation owned by Attorney Tom Olsen and Chris Merrill and it owns together with all of the intellectual property associated with it.  PMI can be contacted at 2518 Edgewater Drive, Ste. 400, in Orlando, FL 32804, or email at or you can call or text Chris at 407-808-8398.



Attorney Tom Olsen answers legal questions on his live Olsen on Law Radio Show in Orlando, Florida every Saturday morning at 11 on FM 96.5 WDBO.  You can also listen live streaming at  He often asks other attorneys to help him answer the wide variety of legal questions he receives on the radio and by email.  Attorney Tom Olsen has been answering legal questions on his radio show for over 35 years and that adds to over 2,000 radio shows and 25,000 legal questions that he has answered on the air.  The Olsen on Law Radio Show is the longest continuously running legal talk show in the country.


As part of the 25th anniversary of Attorney Tom Olsen’s ‘Olsen on Law Radio Show’, Tom wants to give recognition to Central Florida attorneys.  He understands that attorneys, as a whole, have a bad rap but, at the same time, there are some wonderful attorneys out there who serve justice, their clients and the community.  Tom invites his listeners to either call him on the radio show or email him at with the attorney’s name and a brief description of how he or she provided them with a great client experience.  To honor the lawyer, Tom then invites him or her to a restaurant of their choice.