Can you probate a copy of a will?

Pam: My aunt died and she had a will drawn up by an attorney, she signed it. But we can't find the original copy. And we can't find the lawyer who did the drawing up of the will. So my question is, what can we do with the copy of the will?

Attorney Tom Olsen:  The copy you have, does it show that she signed it?

Pam:   Yes.

Attorney Tom Olsen:  Okay. It is possible to probate a copy of a signed will even if it's not the original. You have to give notice to all the parties and all the parties it would take under if she didn't have a will. But I've done it before Pam and it's not that big of a deal.

Pam:  Okay. Alright, that's what I'd like to know because other people in the will are saying we can't do anything with a copy. So we can do something with a copy?

Attorney Tom Olsen:  You can probate a copy of a will Pam, and there's certain circumstances so I'd recommend that you talk to an attorney. Now, our offices probate everyday, all day. We recommend that you call us, we'd love to do the probate for you at 407-423-5561.