Avoiding probate workshops


Avoiding probate workshops are regularly held by Attorney Tom Olsen in Orlando and The Villages.  To attend, call or text Chrissy at 407-808-8398.


Attorney Tom Olsen: The Enhanced Life Estate Deed, also known as the Ladybird Deed, is a great tool for avoiding probate and it's something that we cover in detail at our Avoiding Probate Workshops. Speaking of which, we have two Avoiding Probate Workshops coming up. One of them is this Thursday in The Villages. For all our Villages listeners out there, if you live in Lady Lake, The Villages, surrounding areas, we want you to come to our Avoiding Probate Workshop this Thursday at 1:30.

Then the following week, we do the Avoiding Probate Workshop in our office in Orlando. If you want to come to those, it starts by calling or texting Chrissy anytime, 407-808-8398. Again, call or text Chrissy anytime, 407-808-8398 to come to our workshops. Next Thursday it's in The Villages. Then in the following week, we're going to do it in our office in Orlando.