Tom's client killed Muscovy ducks


She was charged with animal cruelty.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Chris, it reminds me that when I was a young young lawyer I had a client and she was charged with animal cruelty and I took on her case. I don't do criminal defense anymore but back then I did a little bit of criminal defense and her crime was killing Muscovy ducks that were coming up into her yard and pooping everywhere. The city got down on her and at the end of the day, we worked it out. She didn't go to jail. I think community service or something and when it was all over I said, "How did you get rid of those ducks?" She goes, "I wrung their necks. I grew up on a farm. I knew how to do that."

What's kind of funny, ironic is that years later the city of Orlando finally figured out, Muscovy ducks, uh-uh. They're not good. They're ugly and they're dirty. Let's get down to this. If we're going to have ducks around, let's have the pretty ducks around.

The City of Orlando got rid of all those Muscovy ducks you don't see those any more.

Attorney Chris Merrill: No but, boy, how interesting that it turned that way, from her being about to go to jail to a city [crosstalk]

Attorney Tom Olsen: As it turns out, she's way ahead of her time. I used to see Muscovy ducks down by Lake Eola. You don't see those anymore, if you guys know what I'm talking about. What I didn't ask her was if she ate those things. If she grew up on a farm, she might very well have cooked them up.

Attorney Chris Merrill: Possibly.

Attorney Tom Olsen: All right. Hey, folks, we're going to take a break. My name is Tom Olsen the name of the show is Olsen on Law we’ll be back in just a few minutes.