Can your neighbor point a camera into your yard?


Your neighbor can point a camera into your yard?


Attorney Tom Olsen: You're on News 96.5. Dale, go ahead.

Dale: Hello, Mr. Olsen, thank you for taking my call. I've just noticed a Fisheye camera in the president's upstairs bedroom aimed at my house. We've had some landscape issues over the years and I feel like I'm under 24 hour surveillance. If I spray my lawn and I don't put a flag out, that's one more little chit to sue me or whatever they can do to get me to leave or whatever, so is it legal to just have it on me all the time?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Are you talking about the president of your HOA?

Dale: Yes.

Attorney Tom Olsen: He must be a neighbor of yours, is what you're saying.

Dale: Across the street.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay, Dale, this is my understanding of it. That is this is that you own your property, you can have cameras anywhere you want. They can be pointing anywhere they want, including onto your neighbor's property. My understanding of the law right now is that your neighbor, this president of the HOA can have a camera on his property pointing right at your door or your backyard or anywhere he wants to and that's the status of the surveillance laws these days.