Putting salt in your beer


How many people out there put salt in their beer.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Saturday appointments, a couple of weeks ago, I was talking on a radio with you about my dad was a lawyer in Orlando, started here in the 50s. In the 60s as a young boy, I would go to his office with him on Saturday mornings to goof around and play around and with pool table up in his library while I met with Saturday appointments just like I do, like we do. Then always on the way home, he'd stop at a bar that was on a corner of Virginia in 1792, it's not there anymore. He would have a beer and he would meet and greet with people in the bar, this is probably be right around lunchtime or so. I told you how my dad, he'd get a glass of beer with a foam on top and he'd take out a salt shaker and he shakes some salt on the top of his beer. Well, I had a client last week, she goes, "Tom, I heard you talking about that. I put salt in my beer and it was delicious."

Attorney Chrissy Merrill: She took your dad's advice.

Attorney Tom Olsen: She'd never heard of such a thing and now she's completely hooked on it. You know what, next time I have a beer, I had a beer last night but I didn't think about it. I'm going to salt on the top of my beer and see what it's like.

Attorney Chrissy Merrill: I think you should try it.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Other than my dad putting salt on the top of his glass of beer I've never heard anybody else doing it.

Attorney Chrissy Merrill: I have not either.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Where he got it from, I don't know but I'm going to try it next time.

Rick: My name is Rick. I heard you talking about salt in your beer. I was raised here like you are. I had a stepfather who was in charge of Baker Groves over in Tavares Florida. A lot of the grove pickers would drink a beer or two before they started picking oranges after lunch and I always put salt on top to help them with the sweating situation and all that. I started doing it when I was in the Navy, a little bit on top of you can't take a beer, you take a little lick and drink a beer. That was just delicious.

Attorney Tom Olsen: I'm going to have to try that.

Rick: have never heard anybody doing it except back then. Your dad must have been a Florida boy.

Attorney Tom Olsen: He was not, Jordan, he was actually from South Dakota and, of course, he served in the Air Force so he might--

Rick: Maybe some of the greatest generation had going on but we'll be and to talk to you about some wheels and stuff eventually.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Thank you, Rick. I appreciate that. A lot of people are like me, Christine that is, I remember when my mom and dad were both alive, and like all kids you think you know what they're going to live forever. Why ask them questions about their history or their past, why did they do this but, of course, my mom and dad are now deceased. Here's a situation, I should have asked him, "Hey, dad why do you put salt on your beer? Where did you learn that?" I'd be curious to know.

Attorney Chrissy Merrill: I think that's really interesting about what Rick said too, and think about it. Your dad grew up South Dakota and, of course, moved to Florida as an adult and he was doing it. You're right, it would be very interesting to know, did he see that somewhere? Rick is saying is this something that it was of that generation or again was it something that was regional? Clearly, that's interesting about the orange group.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Let's give a little lesson to all the listeners out there who happen to have a parent or both their parents still alive and they're thinking all he or she are they going to live forever. Hey folks, it doesn't work that way so ask them questions now. Our parents, our only living parent is your mom, my mom and she's my mom too and we're always taking an opportunity to ask her about the past and your dad and growing up, I want to know that.

Attorney Chrissy Merrill: Exactly.

Attorney Tom Olsen: As well with our kiddos around, whenever I have an opportunity something pops my mind about our past, our history, I'm always anxious to share it with them because hey, I won't be here forever either, I want to know some things.