Introducing Attorney Travis Hollifield


Introducing Attorney Travis Hollifield of the Hollifield Legal Centre in Winter Park, Florida.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Hey, folks, I want to introduce you to employment law attorney Travis Hollifield. He helps working women and men and their families with employment issues such as sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, lactation at work, the Family and Medical Leave Act, severance packages and equal pay in the workplace. Travis, welcome to the show.

Attorney Travis Hollifield: Hey, thanks, Tom. Always a pleasure to be here.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Travis, tell the listeners what they might call you about today.

Attorney Travis Hollifield: Well, our firm in Winter Park primarily deals with employment related matters. We have a special focus on working women's legal issues as well. That means we get a disproportionate amount of calls about sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination claims, family and Medical Leave Act claims and similar kinds of matters to that.

Attorney Tom Olsen: They've got the Me Too Movement. What was the other term for that you were using earlier?

Attorney Travis Hollifield: Oh there's also the times up movement and #MeToo are kind of the what we consider to be kind of a civil rights movement where there's a wellspring of activity around the country focusing on working women's rights and to not be sexually harassed in the workplace.

Attorney Tom Olsen: The prominence of that is coming into the public eye. That means that you probably have a lot more people calling you about pursuing a sexual harassment case. I imagine most of them are women, but I'm sure there's some men in there too.

Attorney Travis Hollifield: There are indeed and yes the last year, year and a half since-- really that story broke in the late late last year or the year prior in 2017, the Harvey Weinstein story kind of really kicked this off to make it more in the national conversation and that's obviously trickled down right here to Central Florida as well. Yes, many more women are feeling empowered to come forward and at least have somebody like me review the matter and see if there's something that can be done.

Attorney Tom Olsen: I know you're a well-known employment law attorney right here in Central Florida, are your clients generally coming from Central Florida, are they coming from all around Florida or coming from the United States, where do they come from?

Attorney Travis Hollifield: We do get calls from around the United States, but since we focus on working women's legal issues in Central Florida, I tend to take cases along the I-4 corridor. That would include our listening area here, in the Tampa Bay Area, I go as far north as Jacksonville and I'd go to Miami for the right case.