First step if you're being sexually harassed in the workplace


First step if your being sexually harassed in the workplace featuring Attorney Travis Hollifield of the Hollifield Legal Centre in Winter Park, Florida.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Would your advice be to anybody out there who is being sexually harassed in the workplace step number one is file a complaint with HR so you can document what's going on?

Attorney Travis Hollifield: Yes, but I say that a little hesitantly in with respect to the fact that there's a way to do it that could have a greater impact. That's where somebody like me can come in. I can provide advice to a working woman or a working man who's suffering sexual harassment in the workplace about how best to make the complaint because there's so many rights that are at issue if you don't make the complaint to either Human Resources or to an appropriate manager, that can hurt your case later on. It's helpful to have legal counsel early in the process.

Attorney Tom Olsen: There are some companies out there that don't have an HR department. You got to have to help them figure out who are going to make this complaint to. Hey, what if the person sexually harassing them is the big boss?

Attorney Travis Hollifield: That's a very difficult issue particularly with smaller employers. Then to your point about who to complain to if it's a small employer and it's the boss that's doing it to you, the issue about how best to make that complaint becomes all the more important and why it's important to get an attorney early in the process.