What happens when tenant holds over?


When the tenant holds over, the landlord will be required to file a legal eviction action, but will be required to double rent during the hold over period.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Peter, you're on news 96.5 go ahead.

Peter: Hey Tom, I got a house that I got leased out and it's an indefinite lease, so the 30-day clause. Either party can get out after 30 days. If I invoke that 30-day clause and they're still there after 30 days, what do I do next?

Attorney Tom Olsen: You would actually have to go through an eviction process Peter. There is no self-help, by the way. There's only three ways to get them out of that house. One is, they walk up and hand you the keys and say, "We're leaving." Two, is they abandon the property and for statues defines abandonment, or three as you go to court and you get a court order. Now, the good news is, is that there is four holdover tenants there's damages that I think is double rent. Every day they stay past their time for the termination of the lease, they would owe you double rent during that time Peter. Peter, if you want more information on that Rob Solomon as our landlord-tenant attorney you can reach Rob at our office right now at 407-4235-561.