15 day notice to evict a month to month tenant


Either the landlord or the tenant can terminate a month to month lease by giving a 15 day notice to the other.


Hank: Person leasing, not leasing but she's rent a room from me and been there for over two years. It's getting quite a problem for her being here and she's bringing other people to stay without paying. What do I have to do to get rid of her?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Mark, how often does she pay you rent?

Hank: Every month.

Attorney Tom Olsen: She's a month-to-month tenant, you're telling me there's no written lease.

Hank: There is no lease.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Mark that means, or Henry that means that either one of you, either you or the tenant can cancel that lease with a 15-day notice to the other. Mark does she pay you rent on the first of the month?

Hank: The third or the fourth.

Attorney Tom Olsen: The earliest you can ask her to be out at this moment in time is going to be January third or fourth but you'll have to make sure that you get those 15-day notice to her by around December 15th.

Hank: What do I have to do to-- Is that a legal paper or what?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Yes, a 15-day notice. Now, Mark I'm going to-- Excuse me, I keep calling you Mark, Henry.

Hank: I'm Hank but that's all right. I've been called worse.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hank, the good news is Rob Solomon is our landlord-tenant attorney. Rob is at my office right now. You can hang up with me Hank and you can call Rob at our office and get some advice about the steps you need to evict this tenant in the early January. I know you can do it.

Hank: Okay, sure. That's fine.