Tom and Chrissy talk about the 2017 holiday season


Tom and Chrissy talk about the 2017 holiday season


Attorney Tom Olsen: It's time to check in with my lovely and brilliant wife Chrissy. Good morning.

Chrissy: Happy Anniversary.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Happy Anniversary. What a special day for us one year ago today we got married.

Chrissy: Yes.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Oh my god. We had so much fun. I finished that wedding and said ''I want to do it again'' They should make that a thing as much as you pay for weddings these days you just do it, and then do it again the next day. Add another 5% you do it again. That'd be cool

Chrissy: Thank you. Well, that's very kind.

Attorney Tom Olsen: We were having a whole lot of fun last one year ago having our wedding of course. A year ago, we did the 30th-anniversary party for the old stall in-law radio show, that was like two days before our wedding, and that was a lot of fun. We'll be doing that again last year. Of course, we have all our family our kiddos with us last year, and all our family and kiddos are back with us this year.

Chrissy: Exactly and that's really wonderful, and last night we were just discussing this. We were your brother Bob and Kathy's, and they do a wonderful holiday open house. Last year that was like the kickoff of our wedding week, and last night we were there with family. All of our family and friends, and my mom, brother, sister, and your brothers and sisters, and all of our kids. That was very special.

Attorney Tom Olsen: It was. Just be with all our friends, and family, as much as, we can during this holiday season. I was thinking back about I was telling my son Tommy one year ago, I had him on the radio here with us remember I brought my grandson Meze, and I put Tommy on the spot and said ''Hey What's your dream? What you're hoping for?" and goes, "I want to go to med school." One year later here he is, he's in med school.

Chrissy: He's in and already completed his first semester.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Yes.

Chrissy: It's very yes. Pretty special the fact that yes he spoke those words on the air last year. We hope that all of you out there are having and enjoying this wonderful holiday season with your family, your friends, your loved ones, and getting as much time with them because that is the most special.

Attorney Tom Olsen: It is. We're thoroughly enjoying our time and I got to say I am thoroughly enjoying this cold weather. I love it.

Chrissy: Tom I have to tell everybody out there because of course, they can't see you were in radio land. Tom is in shorts, and he loves it this is what he wears every radio show.

Attorney Tom Olsen: And my Birkenstock's.

Chrissy: Yes. I'm like ''Oh my gosh''. I'm like all bundled up, but he's like ''Oh I love this'' and in his shorts good for you Tom.

Attorney Tom Olsen: We do love it and we love the burn fires at our house. We've got a fireplace inside. We got a fire pit in the backyard. We've been burning some fires. We burned a heck of a fire on Christmas Day. Remember how cold I got? Christmas Eve. Christmas night.

Chrissy: Yes.

Attorney Tom Olsen: We'll be burning a big old fire this evening and tomorrow. We drive around the neighborhood, we gather Christmas trees, we have a big pile of Christmas trees in our backyard, and they're going up baby.

Chrissy: Tell people about that.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Well, we get a good hot fire going on the fire pit in the backyard. You throw a green Christmas tree on that thing, and you've got some entertainment.

Chrissy: You have a show. It's a sparkling show.

Attorney Tom Olsen: It is. Word of the wise don't do it under any low-hanging trees.

Chrissy: Exactly.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Because we did a last year, I think the flames, we were thinking like maybe up 30 feet on those things.

Chrissy: Yes, it was spectacular, again like you said, you just have to make sure that you have a clear view above you, and if you do it is quite the show.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Yes, burn those Christmas tree. We looking for some more we got five already, but we're going to gather some more this afternoon, because you know what if I see one laying by the side of the road I'm getting it.

Chrissy: You are getting it, and it's really cool because you're driving or having one of the kiddos drive, and we're dragging the Christmas tree behind.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Yes, back of the SUV and hold on to that tree and drag it down the street. It was kind of cool about that is that when the tree is dragging against the road. The gravel asphalt road it just makes the most wonderful Christmas tree smell. It is really special.

Chrissy: I think that's really pretty neat because you think about it. Again you're really extending the life of that Christmas tree.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Getting some bonus enjoyment out of it.