How to collect on a bad check


Scott: I have a friend that I loaned money to, and she wrote me back three checks and I let her extend them out, and the checks for months now have been no good.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay. Scott, there is a letter that the florida statutes actually gives you a form of a letter. Step number one, Scott, is you send this letter, the florida statutes give the form of this letter, by certified mail telling this girl, that if she does not make those checks good, you have a right to sue her for triple damages. In other words, Scott, if she wrote you a check for a thousand dollars and you send this proper letter by certified mail, and she doesn’t make it good, you have a right to sue her for $3000, plus a court costs. So Scott, that’s really as far as putting some teeth in the matter, hopefully get you paid. That would certainly be step number one for you, Scott. 
So, I would like Google something like bad check letter florida statutes, I think that’d point you out to the forms. Scott if you’re having a hard time with that, finding that, simply email me and I’ll give you a link to it. And, my easy way email me, is through our website at like YouTube but