Can I do my own last will and testament?


Should I do my own last will and testament using online forms? How can I do my own will? Listen as Attorney Tom Olsen answers these questions and more! 


Mike: I have a will but it’s very old and it’s outdated, I need to update it. I just want to know, I thought about doing something online but then I was a little apprehensive. I’d love to get your advice on what to do.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Well Mike, I’m going to give you my biased answer that is I recommend that you have an attorney do your will for you. Because people are not reading your will until you passed away and if somebody reads your will and says "Oh-ho. What happens now? What happens in this situation?” you’re not going to be around and answer the question for this. So Mike an example to that: when I’m gathering information to do somebody’s will and they say “Tom, when we pass away, everything goes equal to our kids.” And then I ask them “If one of your children happens to die before you, does his or her share go to his or her children, or does his or her share go to your surviving children?” They look at me and go “I never thought about that.” Well, if you don’t think about that as being an issue, you may not address it in your home-made will Mike, that would be my suggestion to you.

Mike: Excellent.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Now Mike, we’d be happy to assist with that and if you call our office or text Chrissy any time 407-808-8398, you give her just a little bit information and we’d be happy to quote you flat free for that. So Chrissy you do that all time for folks.

Chrissy: Absolutely. We’re happy to talk to you about it, gather a little bit of information and give you what it would be exactly for the documents that you want to do, including a will. And once again, it is that we talk a lot to people that they have looked at different documents online and exactly like you said Tom it really comes down to are you thinking about all things that apply to your situation making it sure it’s exactly what you want? Sometimes that requires a conversation versus just putting your name in a form.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hey Mike, how long have you lived in Kissimmee by the way?

Mike: 15 years.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Chrissy and me went down to Kissimmee last week and did a workshop at the Kissimmee City Hall, right?

Chrissy: City of Kissimmee.

Attorney Tom Olsen: City of Kissimmee so all the employers were invited and we did a workshop on wills trust an easy ways to avoid probate but every time we get down to Kissimmee we appreciate what a cool little town it is and what a great history it has.  

Mike: Well, it’s a fantastic place and fishing isn’t bad.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Fishing isn’t bad right there on the lake, right?

Mike: Yes, sir.

Attorney Tom Olsen: And it has kind of long history. So check out Kissimmee some time. 1887 I think it is what we came to conclusions for when they were formed. But I think it’s a cow town from way, way back then. Thank you Mike for your call, we appreciate it