About Living Wills


A Living Will is a document wherein you ask that you not be kept alive by artificial means. This could include machines as well as food and water through a tube.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Here’s a best website for making a living will well if you were to Google Florida Living Wills you’re going to find a million, zillion forms for them. By the way, the Florida statues give us a form for a living will, you could go there. But what I don’t like about the Florida statue's living will is that it simply says, “I leave the decision up to my family members.”

Well, that’s pretty ill-defined. When we are doing living wills for people, we’re actually designating a name of the person that would make the final decision.

Chrissy: That’s one of the things Tom and when we review -- do our free review of documents for people, that is one of the reasons why we explain that to them and people will choose to change and redo their living will for that reason and specifically name family members.

Attorney Tom Olsen: And by the way, the living will is what we call a pull the plug type document, it's always a two-step process. Step number one is a doctor must declare that the person is in a terminal condition. Step number two is for the designated representative, whether it’s a spouse or the children to make the final decision to pull the plug.

Traditionally we think in terms of disconnecting somebody from a machine but in Florida, you can now go farther and also ask that you not be given food and or water through a tube as that is the only thing keeping you alive.

These are all options that we go through with you when we are preparing your living will to get it just the way you want it and if you want information on our living will, you can call or text Chrissy and we’ll get that information to you. You call her at 407-808-8398. Now we can also get you our book on Easy Ways to Avoid Probate. All you have to do is call or text Chrissy, leave her your name and mailing address. You won’t need to call her back, we’ll just put that in the mail for you.

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