Turning a tax certificate into a tax deed


In Florida, you must hold a tax certificate for at least two years before you can apply for a tax deed.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Bertha you're on News 96.5 go ahead.

Bertha: Good morning Tom and say hi to Chrissy she's such a beautiful person.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Amen and thank you, Bertha, I agree.

Bertha: She is a wonderful person. The question I have when you have tax liens when people buy tax certificates to our property, how long does the person on a deed name still owns the property do you know?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Let me say it in another way. If you pay somebody else's real estate taxes you get a tax certificate. You must hold that tax certificate for two years before you apply for a tax deed. If that process goes through and it is granted, you will become the owner of that piece of property free and clear of all other taxes, mortgages etc. If you can manage to get a piece of property via a tax deed, you've got a piece of property free and clear of all other liens.

Bertha: Okay, so you have to hold it for two years, then you actually own the property but you have to apply for a deed you say?

Attorney Tom Olsen: You have to apply for a tax deed and then a notice is sent out by the clerk to all mortgage holders, all title holders, all other lien holders. They have an opportunity to come pay the taxes and make you whole plus interest but if nobody does and steps up then you become the owner via a tax deed Bertha.

Bertha: They got to apply for a tax deed?

Attorney Tom Olsen: You got it, Bertha. All right.

Bertha: Thank you so much.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Thank you for calling.