What should tenant do if there is mold in the apartment?

Stephanie: I’m a tenant and I have a problem with my landlord because I’ve been experiencing mold in my apartment and I got really sick.  I cleaned the mold myself, and everything started to get back to normal but my problem is that the mold keeps coming back.  I’ve talked to my apartment maintenance, and they’ve come by, and cleaned it after I have done it myself and that’s pretty much all that they have done.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Well Stephanie, your remedy may require you to break your lease and move somewhere else.

Stephanie: I just wanted to know – Can I terminate my lease because there is mold?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Yes, you can terminate your lease because of mold as long as you have given your landlord all of the proper notices and an opportunity to fix the problem.  If so, your landlord will not be able to sue you for breach of lease.