10000 views to our video "How to make your child move out"


10000 views to our video "How to make your child move out"


Attorney Tom Olsen: Here's a text question about, he's got an ex-girlfriend that will not leave his home, if she does not pay rent, how does he remove her from his house? The bottom line is to get somebody out of your house, there's really only three ways to do it. One is they hand you the keys and say, "I'm gone." Two is, they abandon it. Three is, you get a court order to kick him out of there.

What that kind of reminds me of, Christie, is that you and I have almost a thousand videos on YouTube and we can monitor through analytics which videos are watched the most over the history of time and right up there in the top 10 or two or three videos something like this that we've made and that is, how do you force your son, or family members, or ex-girlfriends, or children to move out of your house? I find it fascinating that so many people are searching this question about how to make a child, ex-girlfriend, or family member move out of your house, like it must be a real common problem.

Attorney Chris Merrill: I believe it is more common than you would think where people have opened their homes to family members and then those family members will not leave. It comes down to, at least, in the State of Florida, sometimes you have to go through formal eviction processes.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Here's our fifth most-watched video of all time, we're talking 10,000 views. That video is titled, "How do you force your child to move out of your house?" I'm a lawyer folks we're talking about legal advice, it's not like, Dear Abby kind of thing, so it's fascinating that people have that issue or concern that they don't know how to make their kids leave. It's funny, but I guess it's not funny at the same time.

Attorney Chris Merrill: If you want to check it out go to our YouTube channel, which is Lawtube.com on YouTube. You can check it out for yourself if you are interested to see that.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Yes, on YouTube. The title of the video is, How do you force your child to move out of the home, and that will pop up. I'm sure was the same thing the bottom line is there's no self-help, you can't change the locks folks. There's really three ways to do it. They hand you a key and they're leaving, or they abandon it, or you go get a court order, and that's not just for tenants that's for family members too, including your child if you want him out of your house.

Attorney Chris Merrill: Exactly.