How to avoid probate on parents' home in Florida


In Florida, we have a great tool for avoid probate on real estate: A lady bird deed a/k/a an Enhanced Life Estate Deed.


Autumn: My question is my mom is getting older. I have two brothers. My brothers do not want to have the house when she does pass and my mom would like to give the house to me but, of course, not right now. We don't want to have the issues that we had in my dad passing. Would we file a quick claim deed?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Do you live in the house with her, Autumn?

Autumn: No.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay, Autumn, the perfect tool for your mom is a ladybird deed. A ladybird deed would be used to avoid probate on this home so that when your mom passes away, this home would go to you automatically. No headaches, no hassles, no probate at our office Olsen Law Group in Orlando can assist you with that. We got a great booklet on ladybird deeds and easy ways to avoid probate. You want that booklet? Call or text Chrissy anytime. 407-808-8398. I'm going to get that number out again. When you call Chrissy, please, just leave your name and mail and your address. That way Chrissy does not need to call you back. She'll pop it in the mail to you. 407-808-8398. Autumn, we'd love to help you.