A kind word from Albert


Attorney Tom Olsen: Welcome back everybody. My name is Tom Olsen. The name of the show is Olsen on Law every Saturday between 11:00 and noon right here on News 96.5. Let's go back to work. Next in line is Albert from Orlando. Albert, you're on News 96.5. Go ahead.

Albert: Yes, howdy, counselor. How are you?

Attorney Tom Olsen: I'm doing great, Albert.

Albert: This time I got you on the telephone. It’s good to have the wife there in with you.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Absolutely. I love it.

Albert: This is just a howdy-do call, and thank you for this community is grateful for what you do for this community. I get to take a break from all the chores just to listen to the show WDBO also. I'm going to call Rob right after this. I have a question, but it doesn't need to be on the air. Again, this community is grateful for you all.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Thank you, Albert. We've so much appreciate it.

Attorney Chrissy Merrill: Thank you so much, Albert.

Albert: There's a bunch of us out here, and thank you all for doing what you do.

Attorney Tom Olsen: All right, Albert.

Attorney Chrissy Merrill: We are grateful. Thank you.

Attorney Tom Olsen: You know, I just want to--

Albert: Make it a great day.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Thank you. I want to say Chrissy that as you and I are out there in the community meeting people, and of course, all the great clients we meet that listen to our radio show, that there are people out there that go out of their way every week to listen to this radio show, and for that, we are very grateful to have these loyal listeners, and we love doing this radio show. We got many more years to go, and we love our clients that we get from WDBO.

Attorney Chrissy Merrill: Yes, we do. Again, thank you so much to everybody out there listening because we appreciate that you do and we love doing and love helping