Tom's father did Saturday appointments too


Tom's father, Robert Olsen, was an attorney in Orlando from the 1950's through 1986. As a young boy, Tom accompanied him to his Saturday appointments at his office in downtown Orlando.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Hey, Chrissy, I was thinking about something the other day and I don't think I've ever shared this with you before.

Chrissy: What's that?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Well, my dad was a lawyer in Orlando and long since mid '50s. He passed away several years ago, but as a young boy, I now remember that he used to do Saturday appointments just like I do. I've had an appointment at 9:00, 9:30. I do this radio show, I've got a 12:15 appointment today and on Saturdays. When my dad was a lawyer, he had appointment on Saturday mornings.

Chrissy: Thank you for sharing. Tom, after all this time, I did not know that.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Here's what I remember about that, is that I would go down to the office with him and I'd just hang out in his office in downtown Orlando. We had a library. There was a pool table in the library, so you could always hang out and play pool, he was quite good at it. Always on the way home, we'd stop at a bar, as a kid. The bar was on a corner of Virginia in 17-92, right where First Watch is, that little strip center is now. What is that, a whole foods there now?

Chrissy: It is.

Attorney Tom Olsen: I remember it so well because it had a Shell parking lot in it. We'd go in and he'd drink a beer. He'd always put salt on the foam on the top of his beer, get me a soda, we'd hang out. He'd chat with different people coming in out of the bar, almost like, "This is another way for me to get business is get to know these folks at this bar." They know him well. He'd have a beer, then we'd go home.

Chrissy: Well, Tom, that's a very special time and special memories that you have of your dad. Hey, back in the day, that was your dad's way of networking.

Attorney Tom Olsen: That's his way of networking. Part of that story is to tell you folks that we do do Saturday appointments, both for gathering information to do your will and for signing your will documents on Saturday. We can make arrangements to have witnesses in the office as well to get your documents signed on a Saturday.