Using a lady bird deed to avoid probate on home


An enhanced life estate deed a/k/a a lady bird deed is a tool to avoid probate on real estate including your home.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Mindy, you're on News 96.5, go ahead.

Mindy: I am 50 something and I have a house and a car. Everything else has been taken care of, my kids are beneficiaries. I'm reading something about a Lady Bug or a Lady Bird Deed. I'm just thinking, no offense, but not to have to use an attorney when I pass away.

Tom Attorney Tom Olsen: Well, Mindy, at our firm at the Olsen Law Group, we are all about helping people to avoid probate. Why? Because it's expensive. A Lady Bird Deed is one of the tools that we use to help people avoid probate. Mindy, I do recommend that you have an attorney prepare that Lady Bird Deed for you, but I think you're on the right track that if you take all steps necessary to avoid probate, you're going to make things simple, easy, inexpensive for your children when you pass away. Possibly, they won't even need to see an attorney when you pass away. Mindy, yes, we're big believers in the Lady Bird Deed. We'd love to prepare one for you. Mindy, we have a free booklet on Lady Bird Deeds we can mail to you if you'd like to get your free booklet on easy ways to avoid probate using a Lady Bird Deed. You can call or text Chrissy anytime at 407-808-8398.