Should you put your home and car into your living trust?


You don't need to put your car and vehicles into your trust because they don't go through probate. In Florida, don't put your home into your trust. Instead, use an enhanced life estate deed a/k/a a lady bird deed to avoid probate.


Chrissy: This one is having to do with about buying a home and titling it in their living trust, and then they were also asking about titling their truck into the name of the trust as well.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay. Folks, people have living trusts for the purpose of avoiding probate. When I say avoid probate, I really mean avoid attorney's fees. In order to avoid probate, it requires two things. Number one, you've got a trust. Number two, your trust owns your assets. You do not need to title your vehicles into a trust because your vehicles don't go through probate. Leave your cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles alone.

If you have rental property, investment property, a vacation home, definitely, you transfer it into the name of your trust. We do not recommend that you transfer your homestead into the trust for a couple of different reasons, but we use a different tool to avoid probate on your home, and that tool is a ladybird deed. This text question is asking me, "Is it okay if I put my home in my trust?" The answer is no. I don't like that idea. Most attorneys who do estate planning also don't like that idea. We want to avoid probate, but we're going to use a different tool to avoid probate on your homestead and it's called a ladybird deed.

Hey, folks, and by the way, if you want information on a ladybird deed and avoiding probate, hey, that's very easy. We'll mail you a booklet. I get so many compliments on these booklets. Why? Because I wrote it in layman's language. It is easy to understand, and it's got nice, big font, easy to read. If you want our booklets on easy ways to avoid probate, all you have to do is call or text Chrissy anytime, 407-808-838. When you call, if Chrissy doesn't pick up, all you have to do is leave your name, your mailing address, and your phone number. That way Chrissy does not need to call you back. She can just pop these booklets in the mail to you.