How much is awarded for sexual harassment cases?


How much is awarded for sexual harassment cases? Featuring Attorney Travis Hollifield of the Hollifield Legal Centre in Winter Park, Florida.


Attorney Tom Olsen: How do you determine what the damages are? We're talking about money damages. How much is it worth when a woman has been sexually harassed? How do you arrive at that number?

Attorney Travis Hollifield: Under the current sexual harassment laws-- Under federal law, state law, and the local ordinances that we mentioned earlier in the hour, and I'll touch on that again in a second, but under all of the current laws that prohibit sexual harassment, there's two types of damages that a person who's been aggrieved can sue for. One is economic damages, which is basically lost back pay, lost wage, which is mathematically objectively discernible, usually with a simple math.

Then there's the more subjective category, and that's emotional distress damages. That's basically whatever a jury who hears all the facts is going to award you for suffering the humiliation and indignity of being treated inappropriately and harassed while you're in the workplace.