Should a parent add adult child's name to car title.


A parent should not add their child's name to their car title.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Ms. Blaine you're on news 96.5. Go ahead.

Blaine: Yes, hi. I have a question about the car deed. My mother wanted to put my name on her car deed or just my name by myself. My question is she is 90 but she only drives once in a great while maybe like two miles away from her home. I take her for all her appointments and stuff but she still drives but it's only a couple miles away. My question is, is it better to add me to her car deed?

Attorney Tom Olsen: No. It's a car title, Ms. Blaine.

Blaine: I mean car title, that's what I meant to say, Car title.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Ms. Blaine, here's why not, because in Florida if your mom had a terrible accident, they can sue both the driver and they can sue the owner. If your name is on her car title and she's in a terrible accident, they're going be suing you too and you do not want that liability.

Blaine: All right, that makes sense.

Attorney Tom Olsen: There's no reason to put your name on it, every reason to leave it in her name only. In Florida, cars do not go through probate. If she were to pass away, you could easily go down to the tagging title agency and they would retitle that car in your name.

Blaine: Okay. I was wondering about the probate. We don't have that in Florida. I don't have to worry about it now. See that's what she was thinking if something were to happen to her-

Attorney Tom Olsen: Well, Ms. Blaine, we now know the car is not going through probate.