Neighbor's dog poops on your yard


Here are two possible solutions when your neighbor's dog poops on your yard. The better one is probably pursing your grievance through the Orange County Bar Dispute Settlement Program.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Now, here's another good one. What's that one say, Chrissy?

Chrissy Merrill: This one is, again, also about a neighbor situation, and that is about dogs and having your dogs out and picking up after your dogs. They're saying, "Hey, my neighbor is always allowing their Labrador Retriever to go in my yard and they're not picking it up."

Attorney Tom Olsen: You know, that makes me think of Uncle Mike. You know how Uncle Mike used to handle that situation?

Chrissy Merrill: I do.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Tell us.

Chrissy Merrill: He would pick it up and throw it back on their yard.

Attorney Tom Olsen: So, that's-- It's one method to handle it. Certainly can talk to your neighbor--

Chrissy Merrill: They're asking about is there any legal action.

Attorney Tom Olsen: You can't sue somebody over that, but I can give you a maybe even better action. That is this. The Orange County Bar Association has a dispute settlement program available to residents of Orange and Osceola County. If this texter lives in Orange or Osceola County, you can call the Orange County Bar Association, ask for the dispute settlement program. They will assign you a volunteer attorney, call your neighbor and help you work it out. That can be neighbor to neighbor, it can be business to business as well. So, check it out, Orange County Bar Association dispute settlement program.