The Kitchen & Bar at Green Springs Restaurant in Safety Harbor, Florida


The Kitchen & Bar at Green Springs Restaurant in Safety Harbor, Florida


Attorney Tom Olsen: Welcome back, everybody, my name is Tom Olsen. The name of the show is Olsen on Law, every Saturday at 11:00 AM right here on News 965. Chrissy, last week we took a day off and did one of our favorite things and that is to go to Safety Harbor Florida and stay at the Safety Harbor Spa and Resort. Safety Harbor is near Clearwater. While we were there, we did one of our favorites things too. That is to go to the kitchen at the Green Springs restaurant and had a fabulous meal.

Chrissy: It's such a great place, we highly recommend. If you happen to be over in that area, Clearwater again, but like you said on the Panella side. We had a lovely dinner. We began by having a great, great appetizer called Duck Beast and then their special, which was a very delicious red snapper, and finished it with a very, very lovely bread pudding with a butterscotch sauce, so delicious.

Attorney Tom Olsen: That's the kitchen at Green Springs restaurant in Safety Harbor, Florida. If you haven't been to Safety Harbor Florida, go by and check it out. It's really quaint little town and check out the kitchen at Green Springs restaurant. It's just a small little building that they have, not a whole lot of customers can sit in there. We met the chef, chef Jason and Jeremy was our server and had great food, great service. We really loved it. We told him we'd talk about him on the radio.

Chrissy: Good luck to Jason, Jeremy and the entire staff there on a continued lovely atmosphere and delicious food. If you're over that way, check it out.

Attorney Tom Olsen: That's the Green Springs restaurant, the kitchen in Safety Harbor, Florida. Go check it out.