Unusual story about concealed weapon and traffic stop


Unusual story about concealed weapon and traffic stop


Attorney Tom Olsen: David, you're on news 96.5, go ahead.

David: Yes, I carry a gun and I have a concealed weapons permit and when I went to the class they told me, if you ever get pulled over for speeding or whatnot, to tell the officer you have a gun on you and you have no other courtesy.

So a while back, I got pulled over speeding and I did that, and the officer asked, while he was doing to stop for his safety and mine if I can hand my gun over to him. So, I unloaded it and gave it to him, just because I want to get on with my day you know?

So, afterwards he gave it to me, he said don't load it until your next stop and I just wanted to get out of here, but was I legally required to give him my gun?

Attorney Tom Olsen: David, you took the class, I've not taken concealed weapons class, so you know more than I do. But David I'm going to-

David: No, I mean, if the officer asks you to hold the gun during the stop for you, it's what it seem like I said.

Attorney Tom Olsen: I would say from a legal perspective, no, you would not be obligated to hand the officer your gun. From a practical perspective, do you want to get on with your day and you want to drive on and not make this any worse than it already is? Hey, that may be the best way to handle it.

David: That's what I did, me and the officer are both license to carry, he isn't going to give me his gun. So, it didn't make any sense for me to hand it over, but I didn't know if you knew for sure or not.

Attorney Tom Olsen: No, I find it very interesting and if any other listeners out there who've had the same experience, we'd love to hear from you. David, the very fact that you're sitting there handling a gun in front of this police officer at least for a few seconds, there's bullets in it. I find that from an officer's perspective, pretty scary.

I just as soon you leave it in the glove box where it'd take you 30 seconds to get the gun.

David: You're right, yes, you're right.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Well, David, thank you for sharing with us, and again, if any listeners out there have other information about this, we would love to hear from it, good luck to you, David.