Are legal zoom wills valid?


Are legal zoom wills valid?


Attorney Tom Olsen: Jerry, you're on News 96.5. Go ahead.

Jerry: Good morning.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hi Jerry.

Jerry: I have a question. I moved here from another state and I had a will prepared from Legal Zoom. I could not get a notary to notarize it. They want to charge me $100 to make the will by themselves. Are Legal Zoom Wills not recognized anywhere?

Attorney Tom Olsen: That would not be the issue Jerry, but here in the state of Florida to make a legally valid will, the law states that it must be in writing, you must sign it, and there be at least two witnesses. The law in and of itself in Florida does not require a notary. We do a notary, it's good practice, but the law does not require a notary as long as you have two witnesses, Jerry.

Jerry: That's what I need to know because in the state I moved from, you had to have it notarized.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Well then let me state that again Jerry, because the law says that if your will was done in another state, it will be valid here in the state of Florida even if it does not meet our Florida requirements, as long as it was valid in the other state that you came from, Jerry. So now you're telling me you came from another state and you did a will that was not valid, well that means it's not going to be valid here in Florida as well. Jerry, call me at my office, I'd be happy to help you out, at 407-423-5561. Everybody thanks for your great calls and questions. We'll be back next week. Bye-bye.