Kendall Merrill graduation


Kendall Merrill graduates from Edgewater High School in June 2018.


Attorney Tom Olsen: We are so blessed with our kiddos, our sons and our daughters. This week has been kind of celebrating our daughter Kendall because she graduated from Edgewater High School. We went out to UCF, to the auditorium out there and watched her go through graduation, and because she's a senior year class president, she got to sit up on stage with all the other students-- Important students and speakers.

Chrissy: She did. She was sitting up on stage and she also had the opportunity to give-- As senior class president to give a speech. We are definitely very proud of her for all of her accomplishments and graduating and senior class president and all of her service to the school. Her speech, I have to say, of course, we were very proud, that her speech was about kindness and daily acts of kindness. She referred to Cory Connell, her dear friend and friend of our family, that passed away. It will be two years for the Pulse tragedy this June 12th. Kendall wants to keep his memory alive.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Of course. Cory was a student at Edgewater High School as well. Good friend of Kendall and our family. We miss him very much and I will always remember him. Just a fine, young, outstanding, kind young man.

Chrissy: Absolutely. Cory graduated four years years ago.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Cory's sister has had a baby. She was pregnant while Cory was alive and then she delivered the baby after Cory passed away at Pulse. They named their baby Cory. When we were at graduation we got to see the baby, baby Cory, as well. Although he's not a baby anymore. He was two years old.

Chrissy: Exactly. Little Cory, two-year-old. What a wonderful tribute to her brother naming her the first grandchild and her, of course, first son after her brother Cory.

Attorney Tom Olsen: All right. Very good. Some of you are celebrating graduation, kids out there as well. We wish the best for those kids and hopefully they will be the generation that will help change the world, make it a better place. Always.

Chrissy: Congratulations 2018 graduates.