Pros and cons of filing chapter 7 bankruptcy


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Attorney Tom Olsen: Bill, you're on news 96.5 go ahead.

Bill: Hi, Tom. How're you?

Attorney Tom Olsen: I'm doing good thank you.

Bill and just want to know your thoughts on pros and cons of that.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Here's a good news for you. Jim Monroe is a bankruptcy attorney that I refer people to. Jim is at my office right now 4074235561 to talk to attorney Jim Monroe bankruptcy attorney. Jim will offer you a free initial console bill where he will, number one, will tell you, if you are entitled, if you qualify to file a Chapter seven or not. You may not be entitled to file it if you make too much money. Next, he will give you an opinion about whether or not it's worthwhile for you to file Chapter seven, when you consider the pros and cons.

The cons, of course- the pros, of course, are how much debt will you wipe out through bankruptcy, the cons are, of course, what is it going to do your credit and how long it will do it for? Bill, I'm definitely going to invite you that it's worth investigating this and it starts by calling attorney Jim Monroe bankruptcy attorney at my office right now 4074235561. Bill, good luck with that.

Bill: Thanks so much.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Bye bye.