How to keep your corporation or LLC current


In Florida, if you have a corporation or LLC, you must file and annual report with the Florida Secretary of State and pay an annual fee of $150. You can get information about your and all other corporation and LLC's at


Attorney Tom Olsen: Tom, you're on news 96.5, go ahead.

Tom: Yes. I own a small corporation and I keep getting all this bail about how I have to register to this and apply for that to keep my registration or my corporation valid. Last year, I paid $150 to someone and I'm not sure if that was bogus or not

Attorney Tom Olsen: If you have a corporation or LLC in Florida, every year the Secretary of State is going to mail you an annual report, it will be pre-printed with who the names of the officers and directors are and it will save. If there's any changes, make the changes on this form, but in any case, mail it back to us with $150 bucks. We know that if you have a corporation or LLC, yes, you pay the secretary of state $150 per year to maintain that thing. Now, you got to pay by April 1st, if you fail to pay it and then you want to go back and read and pay it after the April 1st date, it goes to something like 600 bucks, it's really very, very expensive, if you miss that deadline.

By the way, you can get all that information online. Tom, I think it's sunbiz. and you can look up your corporation right there and get what the status of it is with a secretary of state. Tom, this is something that requires your attention every year.