Selling your home by owner


Selling your home by owner is also known as a FSBO.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Hector you are on News 96.5, go ahead.

Hector: Yes. Good morning. We are planning to move out west to live with my daughter and I would like to sell my house but I do not want to go through the realtors because I think their percentage is a little high. I would like to do it on my own but I need more information on how can go about this.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hector what a realtor agent is going to do for you is find you a buyer. Once the buyer is found then step number two is a contract and a closing. Hector if you can find a buyer I could do everything else from contract to closing. Hector I have a tool for you, it's a form called an offer to do purchase and I can email it to you Hector so that as you are showing your home to people they are going to say, "Hey Hector I like your home, I'd like to make an offer what do I do?"

You can print up a number of these forms, these offers to purchase that I have and hand it to your potential buyer and say, "Fill this out and deliver it back to me."

Hector: Okay. How much do you charge?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hector the offer to purchase is just a form that I don't charge you anything for that. It is to make sure that you and your buyer can strike a deal before you pay me to do a full blown contract for sale and purchase for you. The typical fee to prepare a contract is $350.

Hector: Okay that sounds great. Yes.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hector email me at through our website like YouTube but Email me Hector and I'll get that offer to purchase form to you.