Will cohabiting stop alimony?


Will cohabiting stop alimony?


Attorney Tom Olsen: Bill, you're on News 96.5. Go ahead.

Bill: Good morning. My question is about a divorce. I was divorced about four years ago, and the Marriage Settlement Agreement calls for termination of alimony on my ex-spouse's remarriage.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay.

Bill: I just found out that she's living with a man. They bought a $318,000 house; they share bank accounts. I was wondering if that would constitute a remarriage under the Marriage Settlement Agreement.

Attorney Tom Olsen: That is a fascinating question, Bill. I could only guess at the answer, and let's say that that's not going to help you. That would be a great question for us to propose to Michelle Barry. I can imagine your ex-wife sitting there, Bill saying, "You know what? Hey, let's just keep on getting Bill's money. We don't need to get married. We'll just live together and buy a house together. Let Bill help us pay for it."

Bill: Exactly, right.

Attorney Tom Olsen: I know. That stinks, Bill. The alimony is based on your ability to pay and her need. If she's living with somebody and now he's paying half the mortgage, half the electric, half the food, et cetera, well then maybe her need is less. Maybe that's a basis for you to reduce your alimony. Bill, I wish you best of luck with that. Chrissy, next time we have Michelle Barry in the air, let's talk to her about that.

Chrissy: We will.