Name on deed is spelled incorrect


If you name is spelled wrong, or if your name changes due to marriage or divorce, your deed does not need to be redone. When you sell the property, your will convey in your correct name, but f/k/a or a/k/a the name on your deed.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Bob you are on News 96.5. Go ahead.

Bob: Good morning sir.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hey Bob.

Bob: I have a question regarding a Deed. My wife and I had been married for 32 years. We bought a home in 1985 and for some reason we noticed the other day that her name on the Deed is incorrect. What happened was when we got married she kept her original name and the Deed was changed to my last name for both cases. How do I correct that or do I need to correct that? She is in the will. She's on the Deed. The home is going to pass to her according to the will. Do I need to do anything?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Right. Bob if we looked at the name on the Deed right now, does that name match what's on her driver's license right now?

Bob: No.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay. Bob. I am not overly concerned about this. If you think about it women all the time take title or piece of property then they change their names because they get married. It's not an issue to do a Deed from her as her name appears now owner driver's license formerly known as FKA, whatever name was on the Deed back in the day. Bob, in my opinion, that is not a reason or necessary for you to change a Deed. The way it is it's just fine.

Bob: Appreciate your comment sir. Thank you.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay. Bye-bye.