Can you find out what your parent's will says?


Wills are not filed or recorded anywhere in the public records while someone is alive. Therefore, if your parent is alive, the only way to know the content of their will or trust is to ask them or get a copy from them.


Bob: - will that was drafted up in 2012 sharing any properties monies left over after the passing of my wife's mom, and we have a sneaky suspicion, strong suspicions that, that will may have been changed and no one being notified. Going to another Attorney.

A question is, how do we determine what is the current will, and how do you go about finding that out?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Bob, there'd be no way for you to find that out. When people do a will they do not get filed or recorded anywhere. If you were to call, what you think to be the new attorney for the new will, that attorney is not going to tell you anything.

So, Bob, if you want really know something, your only choice would be to sit down and talk to your wife's mom and ask her what's going on and is everything is still going to go equally to her kids when she passes away.