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Attorney Tom Olsen: Chrissy as usual, January turns out to be a time of year where people have New Year’s resolutions and Orlando's resolutions are we want to get our estate planning done.

Chrissy: Yes.

Attorney Tom Olsen: I have been doing a lot of wills and trusts for people this month and rightfully saw it's really about making things simple, easy, inexpensive for your kids if you pass away because we've had lots of experiences with the opposite of when things are complete chaos when mom and dad pass away, we want to avoid that.

Chrissy: There's no doubt that most people want to make things simple, easy for their kids and/or loved ones.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Part of that is that I would say over 50% of the estates that we do, people pass away. There's going to be some degree of arguing and sniping between the kids. Part of making things simple, easy, inexpensive is taking all the subjectivity to out of it. It is all concrete, spelt out, there's nothing that needs to be decided or done, it's all put in place and therefore there's going to be less arguing between the kids if you do it right.

Chrissy: Any point that lays out particulars, like you said, that is going to be the most helpful for the entire family and those in charge like you said, to minimize the bickering.

Attorney Tom Olsen: One thing to remember is when we do wills and trusts for people, they make reference to a separate hand-written list disposing a personal property. Things like china, jewelry, rags, furniture, silverware even automobiles. By filling out that list and carrying the more valuable items that you have, whether its monetary value or sentimental value, you are going to help your kids to avoid arguments because mom and dad wrote it down, this is what they wanted happen that's the way we are going to do it, there's no way to argue over it.

Chrissy: The way that you want it to be is going to be the most helpful for your kids when you pass away.

Attorney Tom Olsen: If you want to get your estate planned and done, we do want to let you know that we offer a free initial consultation. If you have an existing will or trust, congratulations but you probably took that document, stack it in a desk or somewhere we invite you to pull it out. We will do a free review of that will or trust for you so free counsel, free review. Just call our office, schedule time to meet with us at 407-423-5561, of course, that is the Olsen law group in Orlando. Olsen law group in Orlando, specifically in the college park area.