Wait to after holiday season to begin your divorce


Attorney Michelle Barry talks about waiting until after the holiday season to begin your divorce.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Welcome back everybody, my name is Tom Olsen, the name of the show is Olsen on Law every Saturday at 11:00 AM right here on News 96 5. I'd like to introduce you to attorney Michelle Barry, she specializes in family law including divorce, alimony, child support and timesharing. Hey Michelle, welcome to the show.

Attorney Michelle Barry: Hi there, Tom. Thanks for having me.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hey Michelle, I got an e-mail from somebody saying they are thinking about getting divorced and then probably like a lot of people, they're waiting till after the holidays are over. Is that a common strategy for people? If so, is there anything they need to do to get ready for this January divorce?

Attorney Michelle Barry: Well, that's exactly what people are doing this time of the year because even though they know that they're going to get a dissolution of marriage, of course, they don't want to disrupt the holidays. What people are doing now is gathering up financial information because the most important thing about a dissolution of marriage is financial disclosure between the parties and it's required by statute.

Usually when folks come to see me during this month, I have them prepare by gathering all their financial information, their bank account statements, credit statements and pay stubs, things like that just in preparation for completing a financial affidavit because both parties have to do one. Then that way they're both prepared to undertake the actual legal process starting in January.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Somebody is going to make a decision about who's going to stay in the house with the kids. Is that usually easy or hard for somebody?

Attorney Michelle Barry: That really is dependent on the client. What happens is more often than not, the children are aware that there's some stress. For instance, if there are children in the home when you have a dissolution of marriage. Over the holidays, nobody really wants to disrupt that. Usually, there is what we call an uneasy detente where you've got both parents in the home and of course if there's anything that becomes violent, then that's when usually police are involved and somebody has to leave.

Normally, folks can hold it together for the holidays. I have had some people come to see me this year and they're determined to file before the holidays and at the same time nothing is really going to happen in their divorce between now and the holidays. I tell folks just wait until next year and hold it together until we can get there.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hey Michelle, tell the listeners how they can reach you.

Attorney Michelle Barry: They can reach me at my phone number at 407-622-4529 but the best way to reach me is to check out my website at www.mbarrylaw.com and my email address is michelle@mbarrylaw.com. I look forward to hearing from folks in the New Year.

Attorney Tom Olsen: All right Michelle, well, thank you so much for that great information. We do so much appreciate it. That's attorney Michelle Barry, she's a divorce attorney right here in Orlando. If you want to reach her at her office, you can call 4076224529. Again, attorney Michelle Barry, a divorce attorney right here in Orlando, 4076224529. Hey folks, my name is Tom Olsen, the name of the show is Olsen on Law, you're listening to News 96 5.