Rob's landlord workshop


To attend Rob's landlord workshop in Orlando, call or text Chrissy at 407-808-8398.


Attorney Rob Solomon: When we're talking about landlord-tenant issues, this is an opportunity for me to tell you that I have a landlord-tenant workshop coming up on Wednesday, December 6th, at our offices in Orlando, on Edgewater Drive. This is being something that I've been doing for about 10 years, once a month.

I started doing those when I began to realize that I was giving free legal advice every day anyhow, so why not get a group of people together and once a month go over landlord-tenant issues and workshop their problems? There's nothing to buy; we don't sell anything. It's totally free of charge, and we give you a bagel and some munchkins and a cup of coffee to boot.

You get to sit around with other - usually - landlords and myself, and try to figure out what to do about your perplexing and vexing landlord-tenant issue. We're there for about an hour or an hour and a half, and I can assure you that it is informative and pretty darn entertaining as well, but in order to take advantage of that we need to know how many bagels to order and how many chairs to put in the conference room.

What we need from you is nothing more than you contacting Chrissy, who will be taking what we call a reservation - really all it is we know you're coming. You can do this now if you want or after the show at 407-808-8398. That's 404-808-8398. You could simply text her at that number if you wanted to, and that would give you an opportunity to do that via the more recent technology. We'd love to see you, and I think you'd learn a lot.

Again, it's the Landlord-Tenant Workshop this Wednesday, December 6th. We're going to do this after Thanksgiving. We usually do them at 9:45 and get started at 10:00. Again, if you want to be part of that, just give Chrissy a call at 407-808-8398 now or later on. She'll answer your call and make a reservation for you.