Is furniture included in the sale of the house?


In a standard Contract for Sale and Purchase, there is a blank to be filled in as to any furniture that is included with the sale of the house.


Robert: A real estate contract, a contractor's sale. We didn't want to muddy up the waters and mention that, because we have the washer and dryer mentioned in there and a couple of other things that all work out, but nobody said anything about the furniture. 40 days is gone by, they're not asking for it, is it ours?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Robert, this is a black and white answer, it is not a gray area. The black and white answer is this, if those things were included they would have been within your contract for sale and purchase. If your contract for sale and purchase does not include these items of furniture and personal property, then they were not included in the sale and they still belong to the seller. I hope the best for you Robert, but if push comes to shove you would lose that issue.

Robert: Okay, that's a clear answer that I'm not happy with, but it makes sense.

Tom Olsen: All right Robert, good luck to you!