Can I prepare my own power of attorney for financial affairs


Lisa: Thank you so much for taking my call. I live in Orlando, my mom is a resident of Lakeland, she is getting older and she has been asking me about the possibility of getting out of power attorney for financial so that way I can handle all of her financial stuff. We already have it, we already have a POA for healthcare because I'm a nurse. She's wanting to basically turn all of her financial stuff, bill pay, all that stuff over me to take care of.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Lisa, your mom is exactly correct, it should get done, I'm with her. What can I do for you, Lisa?

Lisa: What is the easiest way of going about doing it? Do I need to go through an attorney? Can I just fill off information online?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Lisa, this durable power of attorney for financial affairs is a crucial important document not to be fooled around with, not to be going to the office supply store, not to be going to whatever website you might find. Lisa, I do recommend that you that you have an attorney do your durable power attorney for financial affairs because it's a crucial important document and by the time you're using that document Lisa, when you need it the most, guess what? Your mom is going to be incompetent so if a financial institution looks at your financial power of attorney and says, "This is not good enough," well, your mom is not around anymore to make it right, you know what I'm saying?

Lisa: Yes, Okay.