Can you be evicted if you are unemployed?


Jeff: Yes. Thank you for taking my call. My question is this. I'm unemployed. I'm renting a condo and I'm a few months behind rent. My basic question is this; I heard somewhere that if I am unemployed, I cannot be evicted, is that true or false?

Attorney Tom Olsen: That's a big giant false Jeff. I can't believe anybody would say such a thing to you.

Jeff: I forgot where I heard it, but that's what I heard.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay. So, Jeff, that is not an excuse that will not stop you from being evicted. The only thing that I can think of related to this is that usually, during a Christmas season, judges will stop granting evictions until Christmas is over with, but we're not at Christmas Jeff.

Jeff: Okay, can you give me an idea of what's going to happen if I do get evicted? Do they serve me a notice?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay. No, Jeff, step number one always is a three-day notice to pay rent or vacate. So that would be hand delivered to you or posted on your door. If you do not pay within three days, then they can start an eviction process on day number four.

Jeff: That's when they come over and say get out?

Attorney Tom Olsen: No. They start the eviction process, if they stay on top of it, they can get a judgement within 15 days called a rid of possession. That will also be handed to you or posted on your door. That rid of possession tells you that you've got 24 hours to get out. If you don't get out within 24 hours, they'll come back and the sheriff will keep the peace while they put your stuff out on the curb.

Jeff: Okay. All right. Thank you for the advice.