How to remove someone from the deed to property


The best way to remove someone's name from the deed to your property is to have him voluntarily sign a deed removing his name.  Otherwise, whenever there are two or more owners of real estate in Florida, any one of them can force the property to be sold through a suit for partition.


Chrissy: A boyfriend and girlfriend buy a house together, the loan is in one of their names only but both of their names are on the title. The question is, can one be removed from that title?

Attorney Tom Olsen: The only way to remove one of them from the title would be is that person agrees to sign off on it. Could you go to court and have a court order, that that person gives up their interest in the property? The answer is no. Now, if things are really at a standstill and they can't decide which way to go in this direction, remember that whenever there are two or more owners of a piece of property in Florida, anyone of them could force the sale of the property through a suit for a partition. So this would be a situation where former boyfriend, former girlfriend can't decide what to do, well then, they might just have to sell the property and split the money and go their own way.