New alimony case in Florida


Attorney Michelle Barry discusses a new alimony case in Florida. For more videos featuring Attorney Michelle A. Barry, visit her LawTube lawyer page!


Attorney Tom Olsen: How do they arrive at the amount of child support in Florida?

Attorney Michelle Barry: Child support is determined by time sharing and by the incomes of the parties. Basically what they'll do is it's a statutory computation, where they count the number of overnights that the child is with each parent. Then after that, they look at the incomes of the parents for a particular month and determine what they call disposable income is, which of course, that's a bit of joke because nobody's income really feels disposable. At the same time that is what is used to calculate the correct amount of child support.

Attorney Tom Olsen: They would have to do financial affidavits I suppose, husband and the wife.

Attorney Michelle Barry: Absolutely, both parties will fill out a complete financial affidavit that is sworn and notarized. It is one of those statements that they have to be very, very accurate on to determine what their monthly expenses are, what are considered legitimate discounts or deductions from those expenses to arrive at what they call the net available income, which is then what is used to calculate the actual child support payment.

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