Do I get a deed or satisfaction when I pay off my mortgage?


Edgar: I'm trying to get information, I paid off my house two years ago and I thought I would get a deed in the mail. Where would I go to get the deed to the house?

Attorney Tom Olsen: So, Edgar, you got the deed on the day that you bought that piece of property. You own a property, you have a deed to it. You may have lost it, but you can go to the Public Records and get a copy of it, it is just as good as the original. Edgar, when you paid the mortgage off what you really wanted was a Satisfaction of Mortgage. That lender would prepare a Satisfaction, record it in the Public Records and that would tell the world that your mortgage has been paid in full. Edgar, if I were to search in the Public Records of Osceola County I suspect that I would find both of those things. And you would search those in the Osceola County Comptroller’s Office, there’s a website you can search for those documents. Edgar, if you’re having a hard time about it, you’re welcome to call us next week and we can very easily pull it up on the internet and show you were they are.

Edgar: I appreciate your information. Thank you so much.