How do I lower my child support when my child turns 18?


How do I lower my child support when my child turns 18? How do I quit paying child support when my child turns 18 or graduates from high school? Listen as Attorney Tom Olsen answers these questions and more! 


Mike: Hey, how are you? Thanks for taking my call. The reason I’m calling is in regards to child support. I have two children I’ve been paying child support. My oldest child just turned 18. What do I need to do with the court system? I’m self-employed and it’s automatic, I got to pay to the courts…

Attorney Tom Olsen: Mike, nothing happens automatically okay? You cannot simply quit paying child support or knock it in half. You’re going to have to go back. Sometimes, in newer divorces these days, the settlement agreements actually provide what happens when the children turns 18, including what that new amount will be. But if your existing court order does not talk about that, you will need to be back in court and the court will make a determination with the new amount of child support is. 
Until then, Mike, you’re going to have to keep on paying what you’re paying. You may get some credit down the road. But, Mike, just keep paying and talk to a lawyer. The good news, Paul, he’s my Family Law Divorce Attorney. Paul is in my office right now, standing by to talk to you at 407-423-5561.