Allen's sister forged signatures on deeds


Allen: I have some property that was given to us or left to us, a property to six of my brothers and sisters. I found out it was done in ’87 after my mom was tragically taken from this earth. But I found out this year, four months ago that one of my siblings have signed all of our names and forged all of our names off the deed and put it into her name. I called the police, tried to file a criminal case. He said that the statute of limitations has.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Allen, let me stop you there. The police are not going to assist you on this. Allen, by the way, those deeds that your sister did are in the public record and you can go search the internet and get a copy of those deeds. Have you seen those deeds where she forged your name?

Allen: Yes, and I went to the property appraiser. She was going to put the property back in our name. I went to a handwriting specialist which confirmed that all of our names were forged. The notary –

Attorney Tom Olsen: Allen, I think what you would need to do would be to put an affidavit in the public records of that deed lease, as far as you're concerned, as a forgery. What you’ve done, Allen, is you’ve clouded the title. When you guys want to sell this property a month from now or ten years from now, there's only going to be two ways to do it. One is that your sister who created these forged documents signs documents to undo what she's done or two is you're in court where you're getting a court to agree that those deeds are forgeries and that they are null and void.

Allen: Okay, because we had an attorney that try and reach my sister and she counteracted by getting an attorney herself saying that we’re harassing her and that we are not to come on the property or anything. This is the big issue with that.

Attorney Tom Olsen: The bottom line is your sister is not going to cooperate, so it looks like you guys are going to be in court and the remedy is you're going to court and you're asking a judge to rule these deeds or forgeries and that they are null and void and that will put the property back in all six names.

Allen: What do you suggest?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Allen, I think you’ve already told me – first of all, you have five siblings who are on your side. The good news is I do believe that one lawyer can represent all five siblings who have been done wrong like you. You guys can share the attorney’s fees five ways. But it sounds like you guys have an attorney already and again, either your sister’s going to cooperate to get this done or you guys are going to be in court to get this done. Good luck to you, Allen.