Rick has not filed income taxes for 6 years


Rick: Thank you. My question is involving immigration and back taxes. I heard you guys were talking about it earlier this morning.

Attorney Tom Olsen: All right.

Rick: And my situation is that I haven't filed taxes for six years. And I'm 59 years old, I can't find a steady job, and I used to run a handyman business in Minnesota where I was from. And it was successful.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Rick, what is it that I can do for you?

Rick: Well, I know that I'm behind on back taxes. My question is, I haven't transferred my mail down here yet, it's still going to my son's house. And my question is, how far behind are you before they call you to court and put you in jail?

Tom Olsen: Okay. You should talk with your accountant or CPA Rick. Here's what I'm going to suggest to you as a better plan of action for you. You have simply not filed your tax returns; I think the plan of action for you, check with your accountant or CPA, is that you should go back and file your back tax returns. The IRS is going to prefer that you file your tax returns and not pay your taxes versus not filing your fax returns at all. As well, when you file your tax returns, at some point in time, it will be available for you to dismiss those taxes through bankruptcy. You can actually dismiss or not have to pay your income taxes through bankruptcy but it requires that you have filed your actual tax returns.